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updated 05/19/2008 12:16:26 AM

Week 2 of Karate, Stevie in his K program at school, busy week for Mommy.... been crazy around here...

We started the week with the belt up on the wall here: 

And ended with it where it should belong, here:


from this and this to

It was challenging with grappling and sparring:

But we made it through with the help of our instructors: 

And our classmates: 

Congrats Mr. Rosater (can't call him PJ on the mat anymore)

Stevie had a program at school where the kindergardener's sang about the weather and the colors...

Stevie is also VERY excited about PJ's Black Belt, and even wants to start on Lil' Dragon's over the summer...

PJ completed the 1st part of his American Karate Black Belt testing this morning...  I think we're more tired than he is from all the cheering and stress of the event... I included the big pictures, because I'm VERY proud...



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